Open Call ///

Lithuanian and foreign composers and sound artists are invited to apply for the Druskininkai Artists’ Residence in collaboration with Contemporary Music Ensemble Synaesthesis


The duration of residency is 14 days, July 25th – August 8th, 2019 (DAR, Druskininkai); residents will receive a €400 one-time scholarship and covered travel expenses (up to €200).  Composers and sound artists are invited to submit their works that have not yet been performed as well as ideas for new compositions for following instrumental arrangement:

violin, viola, flute, clarinet (in B, bass, contrabass), piano.

Directed by conductor Karolis Variakojis and pianist Marta Finkelštein Contemporary Music Ensemble Synaesthesis has a growing reputation within the contemporary music world. The team of young and ambitious musicians has taken up the mission of introducing works of experimental Lithuanian and foreign composers to the performance venues. The ensemble’s vision goes beyond sound – but into space, light, movement and narrative – anything that allows for professionally performed music to become a multidimensional creation, blurring lines between genres.

Composers of newly created or first-time performed pieces will work together ensemble Synaesthesis at the Druskininkai Art Residence on July 29th – August 6th. Completed pieces will be presented to the audience in Druskininkai on August 6th. After applications have been submitted, one candidate will be selected by DAR board. Resident will be given free accommodation for their creative activities and living, as well as administrative and tutorial assistance. Artist should take care of their health insurance.

Composers and sound artists are invited to submit applications; in one PDF document in English or Lithuanian. Application form contains:

- CV;

- a sketch of a work that will be created by the resident composer and performed by Synaesthesis ensemble, or the score of a piece already created but not yet performed;

- creative portfolio: up to 10 audio links, photos or videos that should be numbered; sound pieces should be provided in mp3 and pictures in jpg formats. Add reviews from media and exhibition catalogues if there are any.

Applications are expected until May 20th by email: [email protected]