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The closing concert of the workshop, led by Austrian conductor and composer Rupert Huber and vocalist and pedagogue Doris Huber, took place on May 20 in the Church of the Virgin Mary of Druskininkai.

For a whole week the ensemble of "Vocal Art Network", together with the composers, delved into the specifics of creating, performing and notating works, based on the indeterminacy aesthetics. The team prepared an intriguing program of contemporary music, including 4 world premieres.

Performers: Rupert Huber, Doris Huber, Ilona Pliavgo, Ieva Marmienė, Roberta Daugėlaitė, Vaidas Bartušas, Simas Paluckas.


Rupert Huber – "Nana" (2023, premiere)

Nana is the name of a water nymph in ancient Greek mythology, according to which one day she discovered an almond bush on the banks of the river. She picked one of the almond fruits and placed it in her vulva, whereupon she became pregnant and gave birth to a child named Attis. Attis became a companion and worshipper of the mother deity Kybele/ Nana. On the occasion of his marriage to a princess, he was bewitched into a frenzy by the jealous and angry Kybele/Nana, during which, standing under a pine tree (Kybele/Nana?), he emasculated himself and died. The aspect of dendroanthropy, according to which the pine tree is also Kybele/Nana, is plausible.

Ruper Huber - „Nana" (2023)

Andrius Šiurys – "ad dadatum" (2023, premiere)

This composition is a card game. Performers are players, listeners are judges. Each card has its own meaning. How the card's meaning sounds like is decided by the player who drew it.

Andrius Šiurys - „ad dadatum" (2023)

Mantvydas Leonas Pranulis – "My Dear Child" (2023, premiere)

The letter for my inner child.

Mantvydas Leonas Pranulis -„My Dear Child“ (2023)

Robert Moran – "Solenga" (2023, premiere)

"Solenga" begins with the five singers in the dome part of a cathedral. The five are in a tight circle and facing each other. The sound should be ethereal and ppp. Each singer has a "leitmotif" (always sung with the other voices) which can easily be altered for the specific voice. When the tight beginning circle turns from each other they all go off to various, distant parts of the cathedral.

Robert Moran - „SOLENGA” (2023)

Pauline Oliveros – "Teach Yourself to Fly” (1974)

Any number of persons sit in a circle facing the center. Illuminate the space with dim blue light. Begin by simply observing your own breathing. Always be an observer. Gradually allow your breathing to become audible. Then gradually introduce your voice. Allow your vocal cords to vibrate in any mode which occurs naturally. Allow the intensity to increase very slowly. Continue as long as possible naturally, and until all others are quiet, always observing your own breath cycle.

Pauline Oliveiros - „Teach Yourself to Fly” (1974)

Christian Wolff – "Stones” (1968-71) 

Make sounds with stones, draw sounds out of stones, using a number of sizes and kinds (and colours); for the most part discretely; sometimes in rapid sequences. For the most part striking stones wfth stones, but also stones on other surfaces (inside the open head of a drum, for instance) or other than struck (bowed, for instance, or amplified). Do not break anything.

The pieces are recorded by Jurgis Jarašius.

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